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About MGNR

The MGNR Story

The journey of making high-quality fashion accessible to everyone doesn’t end with our signature denim shorts or our cute blouses and accessories. MGNR is a brand that has acceptance, inclusion and love in its DNA and this is the first thing we think about each day when we wake up and begin work. Let us tell you why.

Founder Ashley Schuberg had big hopes and dreams when she embarked on a career in fashion. But along the way, she also witnessed a lot of potential roadblocks for those wanting to enter into this world that she loved so much. What if fashion is too cliquey? What if I’m not cool enough? What if I’m criticised? This drove MGNR’s desire to warmly welcome and encourage all those who touch the brand.

Through our openness and the bonding nature of fashion, we discovered a unique culture where girls passionate about connecting, sharing fashion ideas and supporting each other get together to form a dream culture of global friendships. The next question was, how could we turn up the volume on this inspirational source of encouragement and celebrate it globally?

MGNR was the answer. It was born in 2019 to combine our love of global trends, our focus on what pieces you’ll want to hang in your wardrobe for decades and our ability to seek out those who can uplift and pair them with those who could do with a lift.

The #MGNRgirl Project

This global girl gang came to life and bonded under a common set of values - happiness, confidence, strength, fearlessness and inclusion. You don't need to look or act a certain way or live in a certain city, you just need to share your love, support and positivity, as well as a few fashion ideas now and then ; )

MGNR’s ambassadors are people who have been through the good and the bad times and want to give back as a little thank you for the support that they received on the journey to realising their own dreams. Our ambassadors will appear via emails, our social media channels and seminars/webinars to share their own stories with you. So please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss an opportunity to listen in.

All we ask in return is that you take the leap of faith to connect with us and the rest of the #MGNRgirl gang around the world by leaning in and speaking up. Whether you want help overcoming fear or you want to celebrate your story of overcoming fear, there is an army of like-minded girls here to hear your story and show you support. And by girls, we mean shoppers of all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all nationalities. But we’re all young at heart and it is the childhood dreams in all of us that MGNR hopes to help tease out and support.

Above everything else, MGNR's mission is to create clothes and an experience that help you feel happy, confident and fearless throughout the good times and the bad. So please don't be shy, connect with us, share your pics, share your love and let the global MGNR gang lift you up when you need it!

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